Just because you can doesn’t mean you should

Not everyone deserves an explanation. In fact, no one really does.

And that’s a difficult concept for people pleasers to digest. We believe if there is no “real” reason for saying “no” that an automatic affirmative response should be granted.


Overthinkers process requests like computers. There’s a definitive set…

The beauty of cross-platform functionality

Medium is mainly a writer’s platform.

I get that.

But during the quarantine I had a lot of time to think about how I can better utilize my resources.

With so many avenues for cross-platform functionality I do not want to waste any opportunity to reach my audience scattered on…

Fear of rejection. The desire for validation and approval is what drives most of our decisions. I don't know where we learned this, but I do know it can be unlearned. Actually, I DO know! We're pitted against our siblings as children. We compete in class and seek rewards and awards all throughout life. For some people the rejection drives them - motivates them. For others it's a brutal and lingering blow. We fear asking because we anticipate rejection. How much simpler would life be if we simply embraced the "no's" as we do all the positive answers.

For a lifetime he’d been every bit of God as she deemed God to be

The minister slept with the deaconess on Wednesday nights. On those nights, he anointed her body with his spirit’s oil. His was the broken vessel that left his wife’s dwelling every mid-week. And for over a decade, he ministered to other women in both body and soul. …

Sylene "SylJoe" Joseph

#Podcaster // #Linguist // Blogger // Wellness Advocate. 📧: sylenejoseph@gmail.com | www.syljoe.com

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